More About Dermal Fillers

Moderate facial lines. Loss of facial volume. Decent, deflation, deterioration. In an attempt to restore facial symmetry and volume, dermal fillers have become a first line treatment in correcting or restoring aging facial characteristics.

Not to be confused with BOTOX® which works through a completely different process, fillers counteract the aging process by adding fullness to the cheeks, restoring skin to its original position, softening nasolabial folds (smile lines), marionette lines (creases running from the corner of the mouth to the chin) and jowls.

Restylane® and Juvederm® injectables include Hyaluronic Acid, providing many of the cosmetic benefits of a surgical facelift at a significantly reduced cost, and without requiring anesthesia, incisions, or post-treatment downtime.

The non-invasive soft tissue augmentation procedure involves injecting HA into the area being treated to plump or fill in. There’s an immediate hydrating effect because Hyaluronic Acid is so good at grabbing water to itself but there’s also a delayed effect, a slight inflammation that stimulates your collagen-producing cells.

Expect a non-permanent result. Touch-up injections may be required every 3-12 months, depending on which substance was injected and your specific body chemistry. Augmentation lasts variable amounts of time, factors include the injection site location and depth, and how rapidly your body metabolizes the filler. Perhaps after a couple treatments, you won’t need more dermal filler.

Non-invasive, FDA-approved, aging-intervention plan.

During a thorough consultation before your treatment of any dermal filler, Alyce examines your skin, addresses your concerns, explains the procedure, reviews your medical history including current medications, and answers any questions.

You and Alyce will decide if Restylane® or Juvederm® is the best product for you, discussing the amount needed and follow up plan. Treatment time varies, depending on factors including the amount of filler being used during the appointment and your individual needs and anatomy.

Individualized facial rejuvenation.

Skin Care By Alyce understands that every patient has unique medical needs and aesthetic preferences, which is why treatment philosophy is based upon the foundational principle of individualized customization. Your skin care treatment is Alyce’s art, at her private practice she doesn’t rush her work and makes it a priority to spend ample time with each patient.

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