Aesthetic Laser Treatments

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Aesthetic Laser Treatments

Not so long ago, they were only science-fiction. Today, medical lasers are a core component of the aesthetic industry. That’s because this amazing technology is versatile. The right laser treatment can rejuvenate your appearance, stop hair growth and remove unwanted pigmentation. The variety and scope of all the treatments available can be a little intimidating for some. Let’s start by answering a very common question—no, this is not the stuff of Star Wars. Aesthetic laser treatments are about helping your skin look it’s very best. Join us as we demystify the art and science behind some of our most popular laser-assisted skin care treatments.   

Skin Care by Alyce is a cozy boutique med spa providing the people of Pennsylvania with advanced aesthetic and dermatological treatments. Our inviting offices are staffed by experienced professionals using the latest techniques and technology. Alyce Versagli, our founder, is a registered nurse, a licensed medical aesthetician and a certified laser safety officer.  

We serve the Wyomissing, Reading, Pottstown, Allentown, Morgantown, Schuylkill County, King of Prussia, Philadelphia and Lancaster areas. Reach out to (610) 685-2575 and learn more about our amazing array of aesthetic laser treatments. 

How Can Aesthetic Lasers Help Me?

Aesthetic Lasers

The welcoming environment of Skin Care by Alyce is home to a light show of lasers. These lasers vary in type and intensity. Each one is uniquely suited to a range of health and beauty applications. Before we go deeper, enjoy a preview of our “space-age makeup kit.” Below, you’ll see a rundown of our aesthetic laser treatments. 

Facial Rejuvenation

Our non-invasive, non-ablative lasers—like IPL and Vbeam–can refresh your look with minimal discomfort and recovery time. They spray the skin with warm, radiating energy to stimulate collagen growth in the deep dermal tissue. Fine lines and wrinkles fade away after several treatments.   

Hair Removal 

Are you tired of shaving, plucking and waxing? There’s a better way to get silky smooth with laser technology. Our GentleLase and Yag laser devices emit a highly focused beam of light. The light energy gently passes through your skin to the roots of your hair follicles, disabling them. After several treatments, hair growth in the target area is significantly reduced or prevented. 

Pigmentation Correction 

Many people cake on makeup to cover their freckles, dark spots or uneven skin color. But you can watch these unsightly spots fade away at Skin Care by Alyce. Every color of the rainbow is just a different frequency of light energy. All of our lasers function by emitting a highly focused beam of photons, the particles that compose light. Our team will work with you to choose the laser that best resonates with your aesthetic needs.  

Skin Resurfacing 

Our most powerful devices produce the most dramatic results. Our fractional CO2 and ClearLift lasers sweep away old skin cells to make room for new growth. By stimulating this healing process, CO2 treatments rejuvenate your appearance with fresh, new cells that show fewer signs of aging. Skin resurfacing is also an effective procedure for diminishing or eliminating the appearance of scars and hyperpigmentation.[1]  

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

IPL is a versatile, gentle and non-invasive modality for improving the skin. It emits its beam in a band of wavelengths, allowing it to treat multiple concerns at once. Your Intense Pulsed Light photofacial treatment will also reduce fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen production in the dermal tissue. 

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

At the skin’s surface, IPL shrinks large pores that tend to get swollen and infected; Alyce Versagli may employ the device as part of your comprehensive acne treatment regimen. IPL also effectively reduces brown spots in fair skin. And the laser cools the red, rosy cheeks of rosacea to more natural tones. So don’t be shy. IPL has the shortest recovery time of all our laser-assisted beauty services. Keep up with our blog for the latest on our skin care treatments. 


Redness in the skin can be the source of unwanted attention. Whether they are caused by acne, acne scars, rosacea or it’s just a “port-wine stain” birthmark, what these bright red blemishes all have in common is hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the iron-containing protein in our blood. It’s what gives our blood its distinctive red color. When the blood vessels in your skin are damaged in some way, a bright, red, hemoglobin hue is the result. 

Vbeam targets this redness with its unique wavelength of laser light. Vbeam is a pulsed-dye laser (PDL). PDLs destroy damaged and inflamed blood vessels in the skin while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. 

This is the power of chromatic energy. It’s not looking at life through rose-colored glasses. It’s simple science that certain wavelengths of light respond differently to different colors on the color spectrum.    


Laser hair removal is very popular with our younger patients. As bikini season approaches, many young women dream of hitting the beach with dolphin-smooth skin. The unique light energy emitted by a laser device plays a large role in how effective a laser hair removal treatment might be. GentleLase shows the best results on light to medium skin tones. 

GentleLase’s high-energy light penetrates deeper than other laser hair removal devices.

Its results are especially dramatic if there is a difference in tone between your hair and skin color. The laser’s light rays will mostly pass through fairer skin but its power is activated upon contact with the deep, vital roots of dark hair follicles. Your skin tissue is mostly unharmed, but the hair isn’t so lucky—it is a permanent reduction in unwanted hair. In some cases, GentleLase may be used to treat freckles and dark spots in the same way.  

YAG Laser

The YAG is a powerful laser with some useful applications. It is used for laser resurfacing, which is a means of revitalizing the skin by vaporizing its upper layers. Scars, wrinkles and lesions are benignly incinerated while your body’s own healing power is increased to replace the damaged material with youthful-looking new cells.  

YAG Laser

The YAG laser is also great for treating small leg veins or capillaries. Its beam targets the iron-red pigment in hemoglobin and incinerates it. All the while your lustrous skin remains unharmed. As women age, many of them become sensitive about their veiny legs. Wear short shorts again in the summertime, just like you used to, with a little help from YAG.     


ClearLift is a fractional laser and one of our more powerful devices at Skin Care by Alyce. It is used for laser skin resurfacing. Powerful as it is, fractional lasers are still not ablative. Ablative lasers remove skin cells indiscriminately. But fractional lasers are a bit more strategic, which shortens the treatment’s recovery time. 

Fractional lasers like ClearLift have a pulsed beam that modulates its intensity.

Even so, it has enough penetration to cope with the most extreme cases of wrinkles, scars and hyperpigmentation. It takes four to six treatments to see a substantial difference.   

Fractional CO2

CO2’s potent fractional laser system makes it our go-to for deep wrinkles, stretch marks, sun damage and acne scars. Imperfections appear to be erased at the skin’s surface. Meanwhile, deeper in the dermis, the light rays stimulate collagen to restore elasticity and reduce the sagging signs of aging. 

While their great power must be used responsibly, our fractional lasers produce our most dramatic results.

Skin Care by Alyce is an aesthetic practice run by compassionate professionals. It is guided by the vision of Alyce Versagli, a certified laser safety officer. We share your enthusiasm for amazing results; it is tempered by an abiding consideration for your health and safety.[2]    

Recovery From Aesthetic Laser Treatments 

Recovery times vary based on the type of laser treatment, its intensity and your unique genetic factors. After a typical laser session, you can generally expect redness and swelling immediately following the procedure that can last between one and seven days, depending on the degree of light exposure. The treatment area will feel as though it’s been sunburnt. Applying cooling aloe lotion may ease some discomfort.  

Follow Alyce’s individualized aftercare instructions with fidelity to minimize your recovery time and maximize your results.   

In all cases, Alyce and her team will advise that you stay out of direct sunlight during your recovery. Wear high SPF sunblock if you plan on being outside for a while. Your skin will have taken plenty of focused photon energy, so it will be especially vulnerable to sun damage. 

Cutting Edge Skin Care in Pennsylvania

The homey offices of Skin Care by Alyce are equipped with cutting edge laser technology. We help your skin look its best. Our practice serves the communities of Wyomissing, Reading, Pottstown, Allentown, Morgantown, Schuylkill County, King of Prussia, Philadelphia and Lancaster, PA. Schedule a consultation at (610) 685-2575 to learn more about all our aesthetic treatments. 


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