Hair Restoration with Selphyl

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Hair Restoration with Selphyl

Hair is an extension of your style. It flows, it grows, and it knows just who you are. But when your hair starts to recede, it can feel like a betrayal. You don’t want to wear wigs or plugs; you want to get your own natural look back.

Natural is the key word here. By amplifying the power of your body’s own biology, you can boost hair growth at the follicular level. Skin Care by Alyce can harness the healing properties in your platelets to treat follicles and inspire stunningness. Conveniently located in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Alyce Versagli proudly serves the communities of Reading, Pottstown, Schuylkill County, King of Prussia, Allentown, Morgantown, Lancaster, and Philadelphia. To learn how platelets can serve up new hair growth, contact our office at your earliest convenience. 

What Is Selphyl?

Selphyl is a revolutionary system of isolating and amplifying the body’s platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM). Alyce has had tremendous success working with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and now she is taking her expertise to the next level. By processing a small sample of blood via Selphyl, Alyce can create a mesh of supportive platelets to unleash new hair growth.

Platelets give the blood its healing horsepower.

When a person scrapes or punctures their skin, they may bleed, but their platelets rush into action to clot the wound. Platelets are named for their signature shape. Under a microscope, they appear round and flat like a dinner plate. Platelet cells form a sticky network, communicating with each other chemically to seal a cut to prevent it from bleeding excessively. This is a process called adhesion. 

Platelets twirl on the cutting edge of medical science due to their remarkable healing abilities. For decades, athletes have benefited from platelet injections to repair damaged joints, ligaments, and tendons. Doctors can draw blood, purify the sample, and organize platelets into a powerful serum called the platelet-rich fibrin matrix. PRFM can help speed up the healing process for pro athletes as well as the rest of us. Win-win!

How Does PRFM Treat Hair Loss?

The concentrated platelets in PRFM have applications well beyond sports medicine. Platelets can activate the dermal papilla cells at the base of hair follicles. When properly stimulated, these follicles increase their production of beta-catenin, the protein associated with new hair growth.[1] By intercepting follicles at their root, PRFM gives hair the support system it needs to flourish. Learn more about the fascinating breakthroughs afforded by platelet-rich fibrin matrix by calling (610) 685-2575. One of our knowledgeable staff can explain how Selphyl extracts PRFM and injects it back into your scalp to stimulate your hair growth naturally! 


Alyce is a maestro of PRP techniques. Her attention to detail is unparalleled, so she applies her precision and dedication to every vial of plasma she collects. But not every clinician is as skilled as Alyce. Traditional PRP systems rely on operator expertise to deliver optimal results.

Selphyl streamlines the platelet harvesting process.

It eliminates contamination from unnecessary red and white blood cells, leaving only the platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM). Selphyl elevates PRP to its ultimate form: a network of platelets that support cell health and growth. In fact, PRFM produced by the Selphyl system is touted as “the next generation” of PRP.[2]

Selphyl converts PRP to PRFM by adding calcium chloride to the plasma sample. This helps convert the blood’s natural reserves of fibrinogen into fibrin, a coagulant that acts as a scaffold.[3] The scaffolding matrix of fibrin holds platelets in place at the site of a Selphyl injection. When the platelets do not dissipate, they are allowed to imbue follicles with their full rejuvenating properties.

Benefits of Hair Restoration

PRFM is a fantastic option to battle back the ravages of receding and thinning hair. Your follicles can produce fuller more vibrant hair, but they need the right push to get them going. Wigs and transplants have a synthetic feel, and lotions and creams are often ineffective and expensive. The main benefit of PRFM is how it ignites your body’s own ability to produce hair… YOUR hair.

Selphyl understands the power of platelets. This revolutionary system has moved beyond the frontier of PRP and ignited the strength of PRFM.

  • PRFM is formulated from the body’s own plasma, so it is organic and reliable
  • By stimulating follicles at their roots, PRFM is a comprehensive, transformative treatment
  • Aesthetically speaking, natural hair is more comfortable than extensions or bulky wigs.
  • Sprays and similar cosmetic products are expensive, fleeting, and uncomfortable.
  • PRFM treatment, however, is long-lasting

To experience the benefits of PRFM, schedule a Selphyl session at Skin Care by Alyce.

Selphyl Candidates

If hair loss is upsetting the balance of your aesthetics, you may be an ideal candidate for PRFM injections from Selphyl. Eligible individuals are men and women in good health with realistic expectations about cosmetic enhancement. Residents and visitors to the greater Philadelphia area should call (610) 685-2575 to inquire about platelets and their restorative power

To determine if you are eligible for PRFM treatment for hair growth, contact Skin Care by Alyce today!

Personal Consultation in Pennsylvania

Improvement of any kind relies on several key factors: education, communication, and execution. When you arrive for your individual consultation at Skin Care by Alyce, you will benefit from all of the above. 

  • You can educate us about your medical history and your future aesthetic goals.
  • In turn, we will inform you about PRFM and how it applies to your cosmetic needs and desires.
  • Under the leadership of Alyce Versagli, we will provide the guidance and execution that years of experience affords. Selphyl offers our patients a path forward in their hair restoration journey, and Alyce is the ideal copilot for the quest.

We relish the opportunity to communicate our know-how to our guests. Even before you arrive for your consultation, we want you to feel comfortable picking our proverbial brain. Please visit our blog to get a glimpse of our mindset and how we approach wellness and aesthetics

The Selphyl Procedure

The Selphyl Procedure

The PRFM process begins with a gentle blood draw. Your plasma is then placed in the Selphyl device to separate your vibrant platelets from their surrounding cells. We add calcium chloride to the sample to transform platelet-rich plasma into a matrix of platelet-rich fibrin. 

Once the PRFM has been sufficiently galvanized, we put it to great use! The serum cradles your follicles to nurture new hair growth exactly where you want it most. Thanks to Selphyl, the PRFM extraction and amplification process only takes about 30 minutes, but the results can last for years!

Recovery and Results

Selphyl is a minimally-invasive procedure, requiring no grafting, anesthesia, or downtime. It is as easy as giving a blood sample and receiving a few simple injections thereafter. The affected area might display some initial redness and/or swelling, but that will subside in a few days. 

To see how satisfied her past clients have been, take a look at her glowing reviews.

You may experience new hair growth in a matter of three months, but we often recommend follow-up treatments to maximize the results. Hair growth is a delicate process, and Alyce Versagli has an expert hand. She will shepherd your flock of follicles to a heavenly new appearance!

Complementary Procedures 

Hair growth can instill confidence in those who enjoy the miraculous benefits of Selphyl. As your receding hairline reverses its trajectory, you will see your scalp in a whole new light! To enhance the upper facial region even further, you may want to consider erasing unwanted wrinkles along the brow. Botox can relax the fine muscles responsible for pulling at your skin, allowing your serene, smooth contours to shine through. If lax skin has left gaps in your appearance, plump them up with a dermal filler. As your hair sprouts anew, you can frame your garden of growth with a face that expresses how grateful you truly are for the restorative power of Selphyl.


How much does hair restoration cost in Philadelphia?

Your style is as unique as your health. To determine the price of your Selphyl session, we must assess your plasma, your hairline, and your overall goals. Call (610) 685-2575 to discuss your financing options with one of our knowledgeable team members, and be sure to check our specials page to take advantage of occasional discounts.

Is Selphyl effective at growing new hair?

Hair restoration is not a “one size fits all” endeavor. We must take into account several factors and base our strategy on the underlying causes of hair loss. Please contact Skin Care by Alyce to discuss our options and determine if platelets hold the key to your cosmetic future. Help us help you grow that ‘do!


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