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Dermal Skincare Treatments Pennsylvania

Dermal or skin care treatments are a collection of procedures that maintain and refresh the health of our skin. Dermal refers to the skin, so dermal treatments are another way of saying skincare treatments. Modern skincare treatments leverage the latest advances in science and medicine to rejuvenate our skin and return to us a desirable, youthful radiance.

Refresh Your Appearance and Your State of Mind

The sun supports life. Without the sun, we simply couldn’t exist. Some exposure to the sun helps us in the form of Vitamin D production. Yet, excessive sun exposure can be harmful to our bodies. An overabundance of sun exposure accelerates the natural aging process. Photoaging (aging caused by too much sun exposure) can dry our skin and dull the youthful vigor that once emanated from our bodies. When we like the way we look, we feel great about ourselves. Treat your body to the best in skincare treatment and refresh your state of mind.

If dry or dull skin makes you long for that fresh skin of youth, then consider some of the best skin care treatments offered by Alyce Versagli, RN. With Alyce’s full suite of skin care treatments, you can refresh your appearance with vibrant and healthy skin. Reach out to Alyce online or by calling (610) 685-2575. Stay updated with the latest in skin care treatments by following Alyce’s blog.

Brief Introduction to the Anatomy of Our Skin

Our skin functions to protect us from bacteria, environmental hazards, and, perhaps most importantly, the sun. But our skin doesn’t prevent all of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UVB and UVA) from prematurely aging us. UVB rays cause sunburn while UVA rays give rise to photoaging. 

Dermal Skincare Treatments Pennsylvania

Most of us tend to view the skin as a static barrier. We think of it akin to clothing; it just sits there and provides a barrier. However, modern medicine focuses on the skin being a dynamic part of the integumentary system. Our skin isn’t just a drape. Rather, it actively participates in how our nervous system, endocrine system, and immune system all function.[1] The best skincare treatments understand our skin’s important role in maintaining our health. Skincare treatments must leverage the latest findings in science and medicine to perform their role in rejuvenating our appearance.  

Our skin consists of three layers, each of which serves to protect us from the sun and environmental factors.

Epidermal Layer

The outermost layer of the skin, the epidermis, consists of a variety of cells held together by molecules called lipids. The different skin cells perform a variety of functions that benefit us. Melanin gives the skin our natural pigmentation. Keratinocytes provide us with a water-proof barrier. Langerhans cells offer an immune response and function in conjunction with our immune system. Finally, Merkel cells provide sensation, a vital component in our human skin cells. The outer region of the epidermis functions in a unique way. Old, dead, or damaged cells can flake off. New, fresh cells rise from the depths of the epidermis to replace our dead skin cells. Most of us are familiar with sunburn causing our skin to eventually flake. This process represents the epidermis healing itself and replacing damaged cells with new fresh tissue.

Dermal Layer

The dermis is the middle layer of skin that sits beneath the epidermis. It performs many functions that safeguard our body against environmental stress and other perils. The elasticity of our skin, the tautness of youth, derives from the dermis layer. The dermal layer also holds blood vessels, our sweat glands, nerve cells, and hair follicles.

The dermis consists of two primary levels. The papillary dermis holds a network that continually supplies the epidermis with the blood and nutrients it requires. The reticular dermis is a thicker level that supports the “scaffolding” of our skin: collagen and elastin. These two essential fibers give our skin the tightness and fullness that constitute a youthful glow and the fullness of features associated with a healthy, beautiful appearance. When the reticular layer degenerates, with chronological or photoaging, the scaffolding loses its structure which leads to lax or gaunt skin.[2] The reticular layer is essential for healthy, vibrant, and smoother skin.

Subcutaneous Layer

The subcutaneous layer is the deepest layer of our skin. It provides the connective tissue between our outer skin layers and our muscles and bones. Our bodies store adipose (fat) cells in the subcutaneous layer. The subcutaneous layer forms an indispensable connection to the nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system. It also gives our skin its volume. Healthy fat pads diminish with age giving us sagging skin and larger folds.

About Dermal Care

The best forms of dermal care are founded upon our modern understanding of how the skin functions and its role in maintaining a healthy and beautiful body. Aging affects different people in a variety of ways. Some people might be prone to dry skin while others might be more susceptible to age spots. By customizing a treatment plan, Alyce can match a patient with the best remedy for whatever ails their skin.

Your Private Consultation in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

Alyce Versagli is a Registered Nurse and a Licensed Medical Aesthetician with a specialization in anti-aging and skin care treatments. She loves meeting new patients. She wants to open a dialogue and discuss your aesthetic goals. She will then review your medical history and any current medications you are on, and help devise a personalized skincare treatment plan. 

With Alyce, you can expect honest and transparent communication with an emphasis on doing what’s best for you. Your health and wellness are of utmost importance. Reach out to Alyce with all your questions and concerns. You can schedule a consultation online or call her Wyomissing office at (610) 685-2575.

Skincare Treatments

Alyce offers a variety of proven skin care treatments designed to pamper our skin with rejuvenating elements. Depending on each patient’s condition and aesthetic goals, different treatments might be recommended.

Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment Pennsylvania

Acne can derive from a long list of causes. From genetic conditions to diet to not washing the face enough after working out, acne afflicts many of us for different reasons. The first step in Alyce’s acne treatment is performing an extensive evaluation to accurately identify the causes of the acne. After identifying the primary issues, Alyce will recommend the treatments best suited to your skin. These treatments can include dermaplaning and oxygenated skin masks , peels, ultrasound, pulsed light therapy (IPL), lasers, filler, Botox, and threads.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser Resurfacing Pennsylvania

Laser resurfacing recently emerged as one of the most popular resurfacing treatments for the face. Laser resurfacing serves two important purposes. First, it selectively removes the dead and damaged cells from the epidermis. Second, it stimulates collagen and elastin production in the dermis to help the body’s natural skin regeneration process. Skin Care by Alyce can use a variety of lasers, including the IPL, hair removal + V beam, CO2 laser, and YAG, depending on which will better suit your skin type and condition.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels offer a great solution to enhance your complexion. Chemical peels use topically applied acid to treat uneven pigmentation and boost elastin and collagen production. They are highly customizable. Different combinations of acids work at different depths of the skin. After your consultation, Alyce can supply you with the proper chemical peel for your cosmetic goals.


Chemical Peels Pennysylvania

Dermaplaning is a time tested method of rejuvenating the skin. Your clinician will use surgical grade scalpels to gently sweep over your skin and remove the cellular dross that dulls your complexion and clogs your pores. The process of dermaplaning results in a boost to collagen and elastin which offer long-lasting benefits for your skin.


Microneedling Pennsylvania

Microneedling uses a device called a SkinPen to initiate your body’s natural skin renewal process. Microneedling is an FDA approved process that will increase cell multiplication. This process provides a long term boost by stimulating new blood vessels, and new cells to nourish the epidermis. The process also increases elastin and collagen production. The result is the thicker, plumper skin of youth rather than gaunt and sallow skin.

Radiofrequency Microneedling

Radiofrequency Microneedling Pennsylvania

RF microneedling ratchets up the theory behind microneedling with technological innovations. The process works similarly to regular microneedling except it adds the component of using radio waves to heat the dermis layer. The RF waves treat the deeper dermal layer of the skin which adds more improvement in skin elasticity and helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size.

How Much Do Skincare Treatments Cost in Pennsylvania

The best skincare treatments are those customized to your skin type, texture, and conditions you want to treat. During your consultation, Alyce can assess your goals, review your medical history, and examine your skin. After she recommends a treatment(s), she will provide you with comprehensive and transparent pricing for the procedures. 


How Do I Get Good Skin?

• Stay properly hydrated
• Take vitamins and eat healthy
• Reduce stress (yoga, meditation, personal relaxation)
• Clean air/avoid smoking
• Limit sun exposure
• Wear broad-spectrum sunscreen (not just SPF)
• Correct moisturizer for your skin type – after a shower and before bed
• Careful product use – choose products that have enough active ingredients studied and proven to cause visible results
• Monitor medications
• Healthy night’s sleep
• Avoid touching your face – hands get very dirty
• Exfoliate
• Procure professional treatments on  a regular basis


  1. Hamblin, M. R., Avci, P., & Prow, T. W. (2016). Chapter 1 – Anatomy and Function of the Skin. Nanoscience in dermatology (pp. 1-14). Amsterdam: Elsevier/Academic Press.
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