Maintaining your nails for both hands and feet includes soaking and grooming the cuticles as well as moisturizing the skin around the nail bed. 

When the cuticles are pushed back and cleaned of debris and bacteria, your natural nail will grow healthier and faster. Moisturizing your nails will help them become stronger. The nail and cuticle will be more resistant to cracking and peeling. 

Over all you will have beautiful and healthier nails while projecting a professional appearance.


Express Manicure $20
  • Need a quick fix? Get your nails in shape with a file, buff and polish color of your choice.

Masculine Manicure $20
  • Just for men! Includes a cuticle soak followed by a trim, a relaxing hand massage, and nail shaping topped off with a light buff and matte finish.

Must-Have Manicure $25
  • This is the essential manicure necessary to maintain a neat and polished appearance. Includes an effervescent cuticle soak followed by a trim, a relaxing hand massage, nail shaping and polish color of your choice.

Sweet Almond Oil Manicure $30
  • Enjoy rich exfoliation and soothing skin conditioning with our moisturizing almond scrub. Your hands will be left feeling silky smooth after they are wrapped in a warm, moist towel to lock in the nourishing sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and Vitamin E.

Shellac Manicure $35
  • Combines the ease of polish with the performance of gels. It is a cutting edge innovation in chip-free, extended wear color that dries immediately. 
  • French or Shimmer +$5

Add-On Services​​

Paraffin Hand Treatment $10
  • Rejuvenate your rough skin and stressed muscles. Your manicure is topped off with a warm paraffin wrap that will leave you with gentle and relaxed hands. This service is excellent for people who suffer from arthritis and experience dehydrated, rough skin.
Nail Repair $2 +
French Polish $5


Express Pedicure $25
  • File, buff and polish to perk up your feet when life is on the go.

Classic Pedicure $35
  • A fragrant whirlpool soak, file, buff and polish. Any rough edges will be smoothed with an A.H.A Sea Salt Foot Scrub and foot file. Nails are groomed and polished with a color of your choice.

Lavish Pedicure $40
  • Experience the soothing hydration of a warm paraffin leg & foot wrap. A moisturizer is applied to lock in moisture. Dehydrated skin and aching, stressed legs & feet will feel silky smooth and relaxed. Nails are groomed and polished with a color of your choice.

Perfect Pedicure $45
  • Treat your feet to a fragrant whirlpool soak followed by a Sea Salt leg and foot scrub and callous remover. A leg massage followed by a towel-wrapped foot masque fortified with a rich blend of vitamins and minerals will further enhance your relaxation experience. Nails are groomed, polished and a replenishing moisturizer is applied for deep hydration.

Herbal DetoxSoak $50
  • "Total body health begins with the feet." Enjoy 15 minutes of an Herbal Detox Soak with Magnesium Sulfate (Natural Detox), Citrus Aurantium Amara Peel (Soothes and refreshes the skin), Artemisia Absinthium (de-stresses and hydrates the skin), Phellodendron-Amurense Bark (smoothes and renews the skin). The refreshing soak is followed by 15 minutes of relaxing foot reflexology massage.

Clarisonic Pedicure $55
  • Followed by a fragrant soak, dry areas are smoothed with the Smoothing Disc. An exfoliating blend of lactic acid, apricot seed and tri-fruit complex will dissolve dead skin cells and soothe the skin. The Buffing Brush head that oscillates over 300x per second, massages away any rough areas. An A.H.A. foot peel is gently smoothed over the soles to renew the skin. A hydrating blend of shea butter, honey and apricot oil soften and hydrate the feet. Dry, rough feet become soft, supple and sandal-ready!

Add On Services

French Polish $5

Paraffin Foot Treatment $15
  • The warm paraffin wrap is a great relief for dehydrated skin and aching legs and feet.
Reflexology Massage $25
  • 15 minute‏ therapeutic foot massage using reflexology. Great to rejuvenate not just your feet but your entire body.
Foot & Leg Masque $10
  • Add on a cooling masque to hydrate your skin and to calm inflammation and irritation.
Double Exfoliation $10
  • Add an extra dose of exfoliation with an A.H.A sea scrub.

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